[May Update] Google Digital Garage Module 5 Quiz Answers

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Google Digital Garage Module 5 Quiz Answers
Google Digital Garage Module 5 Quiz Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 5 Answers – Get started with search

Google Digital Garage Answers of Check Your Knowledge

1. Search engine basics

Seth is opening a coffee shop and is looking to attract new customers. Take a look at the list of benefits Seth sees in using search engines. One statement is not true. Can you cross it out?

  • Customers can locate Seth’s products and services when they search for them online
  • Search engines can help to get the word out locally about Seth’s new business
  • Search engines can help Seth to target customers who are already looking for his business
  • Customers will see advertisements for Seth’s business whenever they use a search engine

2. How search engines work

Seth’s coffee shop is unique – it has an outside roof terrace and a library area so customers can read while they sip. He also sells rare coffee beans imported from Peru.What are a few techniques he could use to make his website more relevant to its desired users?

  • Point out unique aspects of his business
  • Write a blog to sing the praises of his Peruvian beans
  • Make sure his shop appears on Google maps
  • Paste in a product description of his Peruvian beans that he found on another website
  • Try to get other coffee-enthusiasts to review his business/website

3. How search engines see the web

Seth would like to make sure as many interested customers as possible are seeing his business’s website displayed in their search results.
What are a few things he could pay attention to in order to achieve this?

  • Image file names
  • Page titles
  • Key words in the content
  • Keyword meta tags

4. Organic search explained

Organic search results appear when someone makes a search using a search engine. They aren’t paid for by businesses and they aren’t adverts.
Which of the images shows the organic search results from this particular search?

  • 3rd Picture

5. Paid search explained

Seth is considering advertising his business using paid search results.What do you think makes paid search advertising so effective as a marketing method?Look at the following statements and decide whether they are true or false.

  • Seth’s adverts are shown to people who are already interested in his type of business. – True
  • Seth will only be charged for advertising when his ad appears in the search results. – False
  • The paid search results are given a more prominent position on the search results page. – True
  • Seth will be charged for advertising only when someone clicks on his ad. – True

6. Google search console

Seth’s website has been up and running for a while, but he isn’t sure how effective it’s been at drawing in new customers.
How can Google Search Console help Seth with this?

  • It can help show whether he’s using proper keywords in his content
  • It can recommend better page titles for Seth to use
  • It can recommend content that will drive more traffic to his site

Google Digital Garage Answers of Quiz

1. Why are search engines a great place for a business to be found? 

  • People pay to use search engines, so there is a wealthy customer base there
  • People who search are actively looking for information, products or services
  • Search engines are a big trend these days
  • Search engines guarantee new customers

2. What technology do search engines use to ‘crawl’ websites? 

  • Androids
  • Interns
  • Automatons
  • Bots

3. Which of the following can help a search engine understand what your page is about? 

  • The date it was published
  • The number of images used
  • The total number of words
  • The title tag

4. Fill in the blank: Spending money on search advertising influences how your website appears in ___________. 

  • Organic search results
  • The search results page
  • Business directories
  • Display advertising networks

5. Which of these is an important factor in the paid search auction system? 

  • How famous your brand name is
  • How cool your logo is
  • How long your business has been around
  • How relevant your ads are

6. Which of these can Google Search Console help you to do? 

  • It helps you increase your social media following
  • It helps you optimise your Google My Business listing
  • It helps you understand which keywords people are searching for on Google
  • It helps you run A/B tests on your home page

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